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EDLD 5303 - Applying Education Technology has challenged me to move out of my comfort zone and slowly embrace change. Before the start of the course, I printed and read the syllabus. I often referred to it to guide me through the journey of my learning process. I immediately begin to do “the work” only to find the syllabus would change to be a fluid document. As a former math/science teacher, this ROCK my world. Why? I believed that in education, the syllabus defined the expectation and the parameters within the course. As I think about some past classes I have participated in, I have completed the expectations flawlessly, yet I did not have a significant learning experience.


During this EDLD 5303, I learned it is my responsibility to create and ensure that I have a significant learning experience. I came to this epiphany when my instructor insinuated, I possessed a “fixed” mindset. Of course, I was angry and hurt. But as a science teacher, I remembered all living creatures become irritable when they outgrow a space. For instance, when a plant outgrows its container, it begins to show signs of stress. At this moment, I realized I had outgrown an old way of thinking and either needed to change or remain in that state. I decided to change my “stinking” thinking and open to new possibilities


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