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How To Buy Nba Tickets Cheap

This process is still done through the same website, but in this case, a team buys the tickets from the official NBA website and then sells them to you via their own proprietary software/websites. The prices of these tickets vary depending on the aforementioned factors.

how to buy nba tickets cheap

The official NBA website, for instance, can redirect you to a website that is verified and approved by all teams to purchase resale tickets. You can get some great deals here, but there is a chance tickets may be upsold, especially for popular team pairings.

Searching for the cheapest NBA tickets around has never been easier. This page sorts to display games near your location. Or, you can search discount NBA tickets by team in the box on the right, or just drop your teams name into the search box at the top of the page. Buying your next NBA tickets is sure to be a breeze.

From preseason to All-Star weekend to the NBA Finals, Ticket Club has the full spectrum of NBA action available for our members. If you need to buy cheapest NBA tickets available for a special event, you can search for them all right here:

Primetime weekend basketball games take place on Saturday and Sunday. On average, tickets for these two days cost significantly more on resale sites than weekday games, where you will likely find more seat availability.

Choosing to go on a Monday or Tuesday will help you score cheaper tickets in the early season games between October and December. However, it can be far more difficult for the NBA Finals to find affordable tickets, no matter what day it is.

Your seat choice will have a big role to play in your NBA game day experience. A ticket in the back row is far from the court, but the prices are considerably cheaper. Choosing a seat behind the basket can save you money because they are also deemed less desirable.

Analysis reveals that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the most affordable NBA team to watch, whereas the New York Knicks are at the other end of the spectrum as the most expensive team to root for. In fact, the Total Family Cost for the Knicks is nearly four times that of the Cavaliers and the median ticket price for games at Madison Square Garden is nearly five times as much. A basketball fan in New York could purchase a $100 Amtrak ticket to Cleveland along with an average-priced ticket to a Cavaliers game and still pay less than he would for most Knicks tickets.

The Pistons rank 11th in the league with a TFC of $333. Median ticket prices for the team, which is expected to compete for a playoff spot this season, are near the middle of the pack. However, beer, soda, hot dog and parking prices are all among the six lowest of the 30 teams in their respective categories, meaning families can get great value for the entire package if they can find good deals on resale tickets.

Long considered to be an afterthought in the LA basketball scene, the Clippers have finally become a consistent playoff contender. Expectations are high this season, as are ticket prices. The team has the sixth most expensive tickets on the resale market, resulting in the sixth highest TFC of all teams at $585. Playing in the same arena as the rival Lakers, the Clippers will prove to be the better value between the two teams this season from a fan cost perspective.

Bulls tickets for the 2013-14 season have seen a solid increase in price on the resale market due to the return of superstar Derrick Rose, who missed all of last season to recover from a knee injury. Now, the Bulls, who have consistently enjoyed a large fan base since the Michael Jordan years, are the third-most expensive team to watch live, with a TFC of $726. Tickets prices are fourth highest and beer, soda, hot dog and parking costs are all on the more expensive side.

Tickets to major sporting events can be expensive and hard to get your hands on. To find decent seats at reasonable prices, it helps if you know how and when to look for tickets, and learn how to navigate the secondary market. In addition to big-ticket events, there are plenty of alternatives that will leave you entertained and enthralled by the sporting action without leaving a gaping hole in your wallet.

Yes, and no. Most tickets are attainable if a fan has a little know-how. Cost is obviously a factor, but timing can be just as important, which is why knowing when leagues typically distribute tickets can be the key to attending the events you are interested in.

The image of a shady transaction outside of an arena, where hushed tones are uttered and stacks of cash are exchanged, is slightly out of date even if scalpers definitely still exist. Many arenas now provide zones where the reselling of tickets is permitted, which brings the process more above-board. Fans willing to risk showing up with no guarantee of getting into the event might save some money using this method versus using an online ticket marketplace, but they will also forfeit the protection that those major companies provide should you end up with a fraudulent ticket.

Nearly every day of the year professional sporting events are played in the United States. In the sea of options available to fans of the various sports, knowing where and when to purchase tickets is a huge advantage for those not lucky enough to have season tickets.

The best way to guarantee that you can attend the biggest games for your favorite team, both in the regular season and the postseason, is to be a season ticket holder. It is a system that offers myriad benefits, from locking in the face value of the tickets to guaranteeing access to premium games and special events. The drawback is the cost of making such a large commitment in terms of time and money. Some fans have adopted a strategy of signing up for a season ticket plan to get all the games they want to attend, and then trying to mitigate the cost by selling tickets to games they are less interested in. There is some risk involved, as there is no guarantee that the tickets will sell, but with a popular team it is a strategy that could potentially turn a profit if managed correctly.

It varies from league to league as to how far in advance regular season tickets go on sale. But knowing when to start looking for single-game tickets can be a huge advantage in a marketplace that heavily favors season ticket holders.

Beyond becoming a season ticket holder, many teams offer early on-sale dates for fans who subscribe to their mailing lists. Various credit card companies also offer early on-sale dates, and many teams reserve tickets for fan fest events where you can buy the tickets in person. The fan fests require more of a time commitment but can sometimes yield hard-to-get tickets.

Teams used to charge a single fee for a seat throughout the season, but that changed for some with the advent of dynamic (sometimes called variable) pricing. In essence, teams charge more for games against premium opponents and less for games against also-rans. The concept results in more revenue for premium events, and further incentivizes fans to purchase season tickets because of the cost certainty that they provide.

The days of realizing you cannot attend an event and then having to arrange a sale on Craigslist or other classified services are largely over thanks to the various options afforded fans by both secondary ticket marketplaces and also the actual teams. If you no longer need the tickets you purchased, you can log on to StubHub, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster or the website of the team whose game it is and essentially have your ticket digitized to be sold to someone else. In some cases you may get pennies on the dollar, or even nothing at all, but for a premium event you can turn a profit without the awkwardness of a face-to-face meeting.

The league holds 500 tickets in reserve as part of a Super Bowl Ticket Giveaway program in which they try to give back to dedicated members of the community, but the best bet for actually buying tickets is to purchase a VIP package sold through On Location, a third-party vendor that works with the league and has the most available tickets.

Golf tournaments typically have plenty of room for spectators, and are a fairly attainable ticket. But The Masters is one of the harder tickets to score in sports, with many people hoping to attend simply for the chance to walk the grounds of Augusta National. Fans can register year-round for a lottery in which you can try for a practice round spot or a single daily tournament ticket, with a deadline for entries typically coming in early June. The rules are stringent and the tickets are scarce. But the ticket prices are a relative bargain, with practice tickets at $75 and tournament tickets at $115, since they are the only way to get on the course without being a member.

The Springfield Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., which serves as the Hall of Fame for the N.B.A., college basketball and international basketball, sells tickets directly to its induction ceremony, typically beginning in February. The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, offers various events during the weekend of enshrinement, but the actual enshrinement ceremony has tickets go on sale in mid-February and typically sells out. 041b061a72


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