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Guide to Betting on Total Goals at Bookmakers

Betting in football is both diverse and includes many straightforward options. Among these, betting on total goals is a popular choice for many new players. So, how do you play and place bets on this type of wager? Are the chances of winning high when betting on total goals? Let's explore soccer tips bet together.

What is a Total Goals Bet?

A total goals bet, also known as a wager on the total number of goals scored in a match, involves predicting the number of goals that will be scored. Reputable football bookmakers calculate the odds based on the probabilities of various goal counts that might occur in the match. Players who want to bet on this type of wager need to make suitable predictions.

Each score pair in the match corresponds to a specific payout ratio. If more goals are scored in a half, and the player predicts this correctly, the reward will be very high.

The most common format is predicting the total number of goals in a specific half or the number of goals scored by both teams throughout the match.

Is Betting on Total Goals Easy?

This type of bet is a side bet offered by reputable football bookmakers. To bet on this, you need to choose matches from major leagues, such as the English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, etc.

Additionally, the betting lobby must be a well-known and reputable sports betting lobby, such as the sports lobby at a major bookmaker.

The information about this bet is presented quite clearly. Just a glance and you can understand how to play it. The odds are continuously updated. If you bet at reputable football bookmakers, the payout will be even higher.

Therefore, betting on the total number of goals is always a popular choice. Besides its simple playing method, it is quite an interesting bet that helps you earn additional rewards.

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Guide to Betting on Total Goals at the Bookmaker

Previously, this type of bet was rarely offered by football bookmakers. However, as the demand among players has increased, reputable bookmakers have pioneered the introduction of this bet to serve their players.

First, to participate in betting on the total number of goals, you need to access the betting website via a connection link.

Once you have successfully accessed the site, the bookmaker's homepage interface will appear on the screen. At this point, log in, register, and deposit funds.

Next, click on the "sports" section, then select an online sports betting lobby provided by the bookmaker.

Once you have connected to the sports lobby, look for the matches that are about to take place and explore the betting options for those matches. All the betting information for the match will be fully displayed. Look for the section predicting the total number of goals.

Here, you need to accurately assess the scoring ability of both teams in the match. Once you have made accurate predictions and assessments about the match, simply select the corresponding goal bet odds. Enter the amount you want to bet and confirm your bet slip.

Finally, you just need to wait for the result of the match you have bet on. The system will automatically payout if your prediction is correct.

Experience in Betting on Total Goals

Research the Team's Form: Study the scoring and conceding performance of the team in recent matches. Which team has a strong attacking style or a solid defense?

Consider Transfer and Trade Information: Transfers and trades can affect a team's strength. New players can bring significant changes in scoring and conceding capabilities.

Monitor Injury Information: Injury information about key players can affect a team's scoring ability. A team missing key players may find it difficult to create opportunities.

Check Playing Style and Tactics: A team's playing style and tactics can influence the total number of goals. A defensive team will have fewer total goals compared to a team with attacking tactics.

Weather and Field Conditions: Weather and field conditions can affect how a team plays. In harsh weather conditions, scoring may be more difficult.


So, we have just explored betting tips vip app the definition of total goals betting. Generally, this bet is very easy to play. If there are any points you don't understand, you can review our guide. And don't forget to directly access a reputable bookmaker's website to place this bet.


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