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Dj Mouss - Funk Connection FUNK

Dj Mouss - Funk connection FUNK

Dj Mouss is a French DJ who specializes in funk music. He released a CD called Funk connection in 2002, which features 26 tracks of classic and modern funk songs. The CD was released by Sony Music Media and received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

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The CD starts with a short intro by Dj Mouss, who introduces himself and the concept of the album. He then mixes some of the most famous funk songs from the 70s and 80s, such as Do it by Herley Johnson Jr., If you feel it by Thelma Houston, Got to be real by Cheryl Lynn, and Blame it on the boogie by The Jacksons. He also includes some lesser-known gems, such as So different by Kinky Foxx, I am somebody by Glenn Jones, and Who's fooling who by Khemistry.

The CD also showcases some of the newer funk artists from the 90s and 2000s, such as Tribute to the J.B. family by The Last Minister, Square biz by Teena Marie, and All this love I'm givin' by Gwen McCrae. Dj Mouss blends these songs seamlessly with the older ones, creating a smooth and groovy flow that keeps the listener engaged and entertained.

The CD ends with another short outro by Dj Mouss, who thanks the listeners and the artists for their support and appreciation. He also invites them to check out his other projects and mixes, which can be found on his website or on his SoundCloud page.

Funk connection is a must-have for any funk lover, as it offers a great selection of songs that span across different eras and styles of funk music. Dj Mouss proves his skills and passion as a DJ and a funk fan, and delivers a high-quality and enjoyable mix that will make you want to dance and sing along.

If you want to buy or listen to the CD, you can find it on Discogs, SoundCloud, or You can also watch some videos of Dj Mouss performing live on YouTube.


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