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Meet Chinese Made €?Jia Jia’ Unexpected Human-Like Robot BEST

Atlas is a leaping, backflipping humanoid robot designed by Boston Dynamics that uses depth sensors for real-time perception and model-predictive control technology to improve motion. Measuring 5 feet tall and weighing in at 190 pounds, Atlas has three onboard computers, 28 hydraulic joints, and moves at speeds of more than 5 miles per hour. Built with 3D-printed parts, Atlas is used by company roboticists as a research and design tool to increase human-like agility and coordination.

Meet Chinese Made ‘Jia Jia’ Unexpected Human-Like Robot

Like most female professionals working in technology or security circles, Roff can recite story after story about being the only woman at the table. A crystalizing example of sitting on the sidelines happened in 2014, while she was attending the first meeting of informal experts on autonomous weapons systems at the United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) in Geneva. The topic of debate: killer robots.

The breakthroughs in robotics depend not merely on more dexterous mechanical hands and legs, and more perceptive synthetic eyes and ears, but also on increasingly human-like artificial intelligence. Powerful AI systems are crossing key thresholds: matching humans in a growing number of fundamental tasks such as image recognition and speech recognition, with applications from autonomous vehicles and medical diagnosis to inventory management and product recommendations.6 AI is appearing in more and more products and processes.7

Replicating human capabilities is valuable not only because of its practical potential for reducing the need for human labor, but also because it can help us build more robust and flexible forms of intelligence. Whereas domain-specific technologies can often make rapid progress on narrow tasks, they founder when unexpected problems or unusual circumstances arise. That is where human-like intelligence excels. In addition, HLAI could help us understand more about ourselves. We appreciate and comprehend the human mind better when we work to create an artificial one.

In addition to job competition, AI robots are most likely to take away the "love" of human beings. In March 2017, Mr Zheng Jiajia, an AI engineer "married" his robotic girlfriend in Zhejiang Province, east China. Considering the unbalanced, male-heavy population in the future of China, more and more bachelors could find it hard to meet the right woman. If the humanoid robot can be as smart as a human sportsperson and have human-like skin, it could become a nice choice than two humans living together. Furthermore, the robot may be more adorable and charming than humans in the future.

Nowadays, with the economy developed, people start to request a better environment. They hope that someone can help them to do everything. In some technology competitions, some robots made. In the early years, robots are made just for fun like tools. They can do simple actions and say some simple words. In the beginning, they are designed based on people; later on, they are produced based on animals. Therefore, animal robots appear.

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