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FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00 Download

FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00 download

If you are a fan of flight simulation games, you might be interested in downloading the FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00, a highly detailed and realistic digital replica of the Boeing 737-200 (Original) aircraft. This product is the base pack for the 737 Captain expansion models (-100, -200C/F, ADV), which add more features and liveries to the base model.

Download Zip:

The FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00 offers the following key features:

  • Captain Sim quality and realism

  • Advanced Weather Radar

  • Authentic sound set (JT8D engines)

  • 4X high resolution textures of three popular liveries

  • 92 free liveries and growing

  • Hundreds of realistic animations

  • 3D transparent windows

  • Passengers

  • Stewardess

  • Highly detailed and functional flight deck

  • Complete passenger cabin including galley and lavatories

  • Wing views

  • Advanced systems programming including the Weather Radar

  • Realistic flight model

  • SIM Ops - a panel for controlling various aspects of the simulation, such as fuel, payload, failures, etc.

  • ACE - Aircraft Configuration Editor - a tool for customizing the aircraft's appearance, performance, and systems

  • Paint kit - a set of files for creating your own liveries

  • Extensive manuals - a comprehensive documentation covering installation, operation, and troubleshooting

  • DirectX 9/10 compatibility

  • FPS friendly - optimized for smooth performance on most systems

To download the FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00, you need to visit the official website of Captain Sim, where you can purchase the product for $49.99 USD. You will also need to have Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D installed on your computer, as well as a valid activation key for the product. After purchasing the product, you will receive a download link and an activation key via email. You can then download and install the product using the provided instructions.

If you want to enhance your experience with the FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00, you can also purchase the expansion models (-100, -200C/F, ADV) for $9.99 USD each. These expansion models add more variants of the Boeing 737-200 aircraft, such as the first ever Boeing 737 (-100), the convertible passenger/freighter version (-200C/F), and the improved version with more powerful engines and increased range (-200ADV). Each expansion model also comes with additional liveries and features.

The FSX Captain Sim 737-200 Base V1.00 is a great choice for anyone who wants to experience flying one of the most iconic and versatile aircraft in aviation history. With its high level of detail, realism, and customization options, it will provide you with hours of fun and challenge in the virtual skies.



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