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Fedor Kazakov
Fedor Kazakov

Garmin Mobile PC: Turn Your Laptop into a Portable Navigation System

you agree to look to the garmin parties, not to any person or entity, for responsibility for any act or omission of any authorized user, by any garmin developer or other hardware dealer or authorized service provider or your agent or lessee

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to the extent permitted under applicable laws, if any lawful action is arising out of or relating to these terms of use, you agree that the non-waiver provisions of section 14(c) are enforceable by you.

except as expressly provided in this agreement, each of the garmin parties, their affiliates, subsidiaries, officers and agents, and each third-party distributor or reseller of the products of any of them, shall have the right to assert and rely upon any applicable, non-waivable defense, such as immunity under the uniform commercial code, immunity from or limitation of liability under any contract, statute or other law to the fullest extent permitted by law.

the second part of this is does anyone here have any experience of using the garmin connect web service to upload your files to garmin connect using your garmin mobile devices? its currently not possible to upload your files to garmin connect using only the web service. you need to use the garmin mobile application or use a garmin unit (such as a garmin gpsmap 62s) to transfer files from the server to your mobile device. if you only have a device that does not have bluetooth capability you can buy a bluetooth dongle that is compatible with garmin.

the export original option will export the format received from the device originally. in most cases, and on newer devices, that format will be format which can be imported to other garmin applications including basecamp and virb edit. when looking at wellness data files, the only option provided is export original because the other formats require additional information like gps data be present to be used properly.


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