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Fedor Kazakov
Fedor Kazakov

Crash Into You (Pushing The Limits Book 3) Books Pdf File

Our printer can print books up to 480 pages. In practice, few people run into this limitation. If your book exceeds 480 pages, you may purchase additional volumes. To find the current page count of your book, start a book order and download the interior preview.

Crash into You (Pushing the Limits Book 3) books pdf file

Storytellers can write as many stories per week as they wish. We default to sending one question per week to avoid overwhelming people, but you can also choose to send them faster (up to once a day) or slower (every other week or even once a month). Your book can be printed at any time. Our books have a maximum page count of 480 pages. If your stories exceed the maximum page count, they can be split up into separate volumes for an additional cost.


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