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Alina Balletstar 130 [REPACK]

Mr Don Ciccio we have many ballet stars in Romania, Corina Dumitrescu, Iancu Ovidiu Matei, Razvan Mazilu, Simona Somacescu, Monica Petrica, Felicia Serbanescu, Bianca Fota, Cristina Dijmaru, Bogdan Canila, Vlad Toader, Andreea Jura, Dan Haja, Horatiu Chereches. Also we have many romanian ballet stars dancing for other companies: Soimita Lupu, Ingrid Lupescu, Dragos Mihalcea, Madalina Stoica, Mihai Mezei, Andrei Iliescu, Ana Maria Gergely. Not to be forgotten Bogdan Nicula.As for the ones who retired or now are choreographers or ballet masters: Ioan Tugearu,Gigi Caciuleanu, Gheorghe Iancu, Alexa Mezincescu, Oleg Danovski Jr, Adina Cezar, Raluca Iangeic, Sergiu Anghel, Agalaia Gheorghe, Mihai Babuska. These are just a few of them. As for this article there are some mistakes and misinformation. Dawid Trzensimiech had already a contract in Warshaw ,no matter what happens in Bucharest he would have gone to honor his contract, Rin Okuno has left last season, also Rebecca Haw has left several months ago. The ones who resigned took their on decisions and this is their option.

alina balletstar 130


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