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Mazurka Apassionata Barrios.pdf

Mazurka Apassionata by Agustín Barrios Mangoré

The Mazurka Apassionata is a solo guitar piece composed by Agustín Barrios Mangoré, one of the most influential and virtuosic guitarists of the 20th century. Barrios was born in Paraguay in 1885 and traveled extensively throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States, performing and composing hundreds of works for the guitar. He was also known by his stage name Nitsuga Mangoré, which is Agustin spelled backwards followed by his mother's surname.

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The Mazurka Apassionata is one of his most expressive and passionate pieces, inspired by the Polish dance form of the mazurka. The mazurka is a lively dance in triple meter with a strong accent on the second or third beat. Barrios adapted this rhythmic pattern to create a complex and varied musical texture, alternating between lyrical melodies, chromatic harmonies, and virtuosic passages. The piece is in A minor and has three main sections: an introduction, a theme with variations, and a coda.

The introduction begins with a slow and solemn melody that sets the mood for the piece. The melody is accompanied by arpeggios that create a rich harmonic background. The introduction ends with a cadence that leads to the main theme.

The theme is a simple and catchy melody that is repeated four times with different variations. The first variation is similar to the theme, but with some embellishments and ornaments. The second variation is more rhythmic and syncopated, with some chords and octaves. The third variation is more melodic and expressive, with some slides and glissandos. The fourth variation is the most virtuosic and challenging, with fast scales, arpeggios, and tremolos.

The coda is a recapitulation of the introduction, but with some changes and additions. The melody is played in octaves and harmonized with chords. The piece ends with a dramatic flourish of arpeggios and chords that resolve to the tonic.

The Mazurka Apassionata is a masterpiece of guitar music that showcases Barrios' musical genius and technical skill. It is a challenging but rewarding piece to play and to listen to, as it conveys a wide range of emotions and musical colors.


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  • If you want to download a free PDF score of the Mazurka Apassionata edited by Stefan Apke, you can click [here].


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