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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am an Educator, Speaker, Personal Mentor, and Professional Coach based in Texas. I intentionally look for opportunities to be an agent and facilitator of change; since that is where the most significant growth occurs outside of the usual comfort areas. I am a student of life and living.   

My purpose is to assist others in living intentionally and attaining their dreams. It doesn't mean that we all won't stumble during our pursuit - it does mean that we get up and keep moving.  If I can provide the support and confidence to someone who becomes a "linchpin" or change agent, they will be well equipped to pay it forward and leave a formidable legacy.  


I love evolving, self-discovery, and cultivating a growth mindset.  Is it scary to be vulnerable and imperfect? Absolutely!!! However, I believe it is probably one of the most critical steps to fulfilling our divine destiny. I find value in helping people, especially educators, attain their best selves and live life to its fullest. You find joy and peace living out your purpose, and I am intentionally living on purpose to fulfill my purpose, which may involve helping you awaken to discover yours! It's your time!

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