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Contributions to My Learning Community

I love my learning community. We started together in November 2020 and have since stayed together. We are a diverse group. We have elementary, secondary, intermediate, higher-ed, corporate, military, and international experience within our cohort. We connect through GroupMe, Social Media, virtually (Zoom and FB), and direct contact through cell service.

We encourage and provide future-oriented questioning or response for feedforward input. We also follow each other on social media and support each other professionally in endeavors. Collaboration is something we often do. Maggie and I have formed a closer bond. Whether she knows it or not, her words are meaningful and significant. Ennis brings the international perspective. Colby brings thoughts from Pedro's group. Jane has the higher-ed viewpoint. I have a unique vantage point from administrative and human resources. In all, we are an eclectic group.

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