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Finding Vital Behaviors

In the book, Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change, the authors shared when identifying vital behaviors to achieve change, one should use four approaches. These key strategies are:

  • Notice the obvious – consider what you know or consult experts to identify obvious underutilized behaviors.

  • Look for crucial moments – look for the specific situation where there may be a greater risk of failure.

  • Learn from positive deviants – look for the areas where a problem should exist but doesn’t due to behaviors

  • Spot culture busters – Collaborates with others to uncover invisible unwritten rules.

I used this stratagem to identify vital behaviors.

  • Notice the obvious. First, I gathered a team of influencers that were experts in specific areas of our company. Changing behaviors takes time, commitment, and accountability. The core members of my accountability and planning team are: ​

    1. The Communication Director

    2. The Social Media Manager

    3. The Professional Learning Director

    4. The Senior Attorney or Appointee

    5. The Deputy Executive Director

  • Look for crucial moments. We desire to increase the usage of blended learning housed in our LMS. During our conversation, we discovered underutilized behaviors in specific areas. We realized we weren’t tooting our horns and increased our social media presence and email campaign advertising UEA University.

  • Learn from positive deviants. We also realized our Direct Contact staff did not recommend Blended Learning to our members. However, as we increased our social media presence, BL usage on the LMS site increase.

  • Spot culture busters. We realized the staff who recommended the site had firsthand knowledge and using the site. Most of the Direct Contact staff knew but did refer others to the website because of a lack of personal experience. We then realized training and incentives were going to be necessary to help affect change.


Grenny, J., & Patterson, K. (2013). Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change. McGraw- Hill Professional.

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