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The Manifesto

Updated: May 8, 2021

As I began this journey, I started as a team of one, dependent upon two other groups of one. As I shared with the other teams about the class, we decided to merge our creative efforts and agreed upon three essential things necessary to the success of all our departments. These critical elements are passion, purpose, and engagement.

It is our passion to equip educators with tools and skills for career success through blended learning opportunities. It is our passion that fuels our purpose.

It is our purpose advocate for educators at the school, district, city, and state levels, as well as, empower them with knowledge for professional self-advocacy. It is our purpose that propels us to create engaging opportunities for personal and community efficacy.

High levels of engagement increases member retention, satisfaction, and ignites passion!

As a teacher association, we advocate at the district and state levels. In January of 2021, the Texas State Legislators began the 87th session. The federal government has allocated $18 billion in stimulus funds to Texas public schools and higher ed. Texas initially received $1.3 billion in federal stimulus funding intended for our schools in the spring of 2020. However, our schools did not see any additional money because Texas instead diverted these funds to fill other state budget holes. There is a strong chance that this could happen again.

Our organization has partnered with Raise Your Hand Texas to provide legislative updates and educate our members and other individuals on how to ensure their voice is heard in the halls of the Texas State Capitol. Click the link to easily send an email telling our state leaders to flow these funds to districts so they can get to work on our recovery.

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