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The Power of Choice

Updated: May 12, 2021

As a local education association located in the North Texas region, our company provides the following 24/7 services to over 20,000 educators in non-administrative roles:

  • Liability Insurance

  • Legal protection & representation

  • Professional development resources

  • Savings Center

  • Community & networking

  • Advocacy; and

  • Reasonable monthly dues.

Unfortunately, members often don’t know their rights and contact us when situations have escalated. They may lack the supports they need, and when they call us, the circumstances have manifested into more significant issues.

The number one reason this occurs is the lack of time. I get it. You’re teaching online or in person. Or you are doing both simultaneously or through an A-day/B-day hybrid model. You are also a food server, social worker, a de facto parent, and an attendance officer at the same time. On top of all this, there is an expectation you attend PD or meetings via Zoom or face-to-face, all while life continues to move on. The last thing you have time for is taking care of yourself, right!

The COVA Learning Approach, more specifically CHOICE, is very beneficial to our company. Our members can choose how and when to access our informational resources and professional development/training modules. We provide the content via various mediums, i.e., print, video, social media, learning management platform, face-to-face, telephone, or website.

Our motto is “Right Here, Right Now,” and COVA allows us the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of our members.

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Harapnuik, D., Thibodeaux, T., & Cummings, C. (2018). COVA: Choice, Ownership, and Voice through Authentic Learning. Creative Commons License.

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