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Who owns the e-portfolio?


I recently realized that I used the terms "ownership of learning" and "personalized learning" synonymously. I often found myself interchanging and intertwining the meanings in discussions. I now realized I possessed knowledge but lacked understanding. Even now, it is an ongoing process of enlightenment through my personal experience in both.

Let's define these terms. In the book COVA: Choice, Ownership, and Voice through Authentic Learning, ownership is when the learner has control over their entire learning process, tools, and projects (Harapnuik, Thibodeaux, & Cummings, 2018). While personalized learning may be similar, trust me, it isn't. Personalized learning is defined as learner devised activities based on reflection and conversations with instructors, created and guided by the instructor (TeachThought Staff, 2021).

In this course, learners have a choice and ownership. This freedom has been difficult for me. I am a former math/science teacher who dealt with absolutes, equations, proofs, and experimental theories. Now, I have the opportunity to create, design, and adapt my entire learning process experiences. So, who owns the e-Portfolio, the learner does.

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