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EDLD 5317:
Contributions to Learning

I would score 79 out of 100 for my contributions to my learning community.


Justification of Score



Work assignments from my employer proved to be challenging both mentally and in the respect of time. I would do a better job of organizing my time by using one calendar with a combination of all schedules.  


Key Contributions

  1. I contributed to help build and provide feedback to my core group.

  2. We collaborated using GroupMe, Zoom, Google docs, and cell phones to provide input directly.

  3. I provided received peer feedback from my cohort and revised all assignments and reflected on revisions to this contribution to the learning activity. 

  4. I completed all course readings, videos, and supporting resources. 

  5. Although I asked for an extension, I failed to  I submitted the media assignment on time as indicated on the course calendar.


Supporting Contributions


  1. I took leadership responsibility in my cohort and the course.

  2. I missed did not participate in the course meeting on February 28, However, I participated in the previous meetings.

  3. I provided active contributions in the various course forums.


I am grateful to my Professional Learning Cohort (PLC). The members are diverse and bring unique and fresh ideas to the table. They are not afraid to speak their minds and open to receiving feedforward advice. They are also compassionate enough to provide support and encouragement. My PLC members are Colby Clifford and Jane Nguyen. We collaborate 2-3 times per week using either GroupMe, Zoom, cell phones, and Google Docs.  


  • GroupMe is the messenger service we choose to use to provide close collaboration and contact. I am not in the Houston area so this service was beneficial.


  • We used Zoom to share and receive comments and which allowed us to make immediate changes.


  • To speak directly with members to get clarity, we used cell phones. 


We all took on leadership responsibilities and roles at various times. Please refer to the pictures below for GroupMe posts.

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